Privacy Policy
The Bob Hoover Project LLC

December 2014

The Bob Hoover Project LLC (TBHP) values your privacy. TBHP follows a Privacy Policy to protect your privacy. That Policy includes practices that TBHP observes within the LLC, plus the Privacy Policies of our partners that allow us to offer our products and services and fulfill customer orders, including advertising, order fulfillment, shipping, and credit card processing. The Privacy Policy of TBHP is shown in the following text. The Privacy Policies of our primary fulfillment partners are available through the below listed links. The full Privacy Policy available to our customers is the aggregate of these Policies. Conflicts between the Privacy Policy of TBHP and the Policies of our Partners will be governed by the Policies of our Partners.

Data That We Collect: We collect the data that you give us through TBHP web site. We also collect any correspondence we have with you, including e-mails.

How We Protect Your Security: In choosing our fulfillment partners, a major selection criteria was our assessment of the priority that the organizations placed on security and protecting the information of our customers, as well as the systems and procedures that they use to accomplish those goals.

How We Use Your Data: The information that we collect is used to fulfill the orders that you place with TBHP. We use it to maintain the records we need to support our internal management processes and to satisfy external reporting obligations of the LLC. We also share the data that you provide with our service partners, but only to the extent they require it for your purchase transaction. TBHP may allow Kilo Foxtrot Films to use your information to offer you additional products and services. We will never sell your information.

User Rights: You may restrict the ability of TBHP from using your personal information for future promotions by TBHP or Kilo Foxtrot Films by sending an e-mail request to

TBHP Service Partners (Partial List)